5 comments on “Saturday, June 23

  1. Sounds like a marketing gap for a company to start up calling itself "burgers with the lot"!! And if you could sell Farmers Union Iced Coffee with it you would be a legend like the Colonel!! Do you have a hotel that sells road kill for dinner like they have in the Flinders Ranges? They also do BYO!!

  2. I just recently learned of this fried egg on a burger phenomenon; are you saying that Aussies have been doing it all along?! Such a crazy delicious thing for you guys to keep to yourselves!

    What is included on a proper ‘hamburger with the lot’ ?

    • Omigosh — deliciousness in a paper bag! A hamburger with the lot from a fish’n’chip shop is something I always search out on trips back home. Apart from the hamburger (natch) a “hamburger with the lot” contains a fried egg, bacon, cheese, beetroot (pickled beets here), pineapple slice, tomato, lettuce, grilled onions and tomato sauce (aka ketchup). McDonalds in Australia actually does a version of this too, but it pales in comparison to the fish’n’chip shop variety.

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